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                Methane Disulfonic Acid Sodium Salt
                Methane Disulfonic Acid
                Methane Disulfonic Acid Potassium Salt
                1.4-Butane disulfonic Acid Sodium Salt
                  ABOUT US  

                  Shanghai hudan biology science and technology co.ltd is specially to produce series product of Methane Disulfonic Acid;for example,Methane Disulfonic Acid Sodium Salt and Methane Disulfonic Acid Potassium Salt,they is be used at the middle medication body and the additive of plating hard chrome .

                  Our company can provide such as Methane sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt,Ethane sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt,Propane sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt,Butane sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt,pentane sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt,hexane sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt,Heptane sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt,Octane sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt,nonane sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt,Propane disulfonic Acid Sodium Salt, Methane Disulfonic Acid(CAS NO:503-40-2) , Methane Disulfonic Acid Potassium Salt ,Methane Disulfonic Acid Sodium Salt(CAS NO:5799-70-2) ,1.2-Ethane Disulfonic Acid Sodium Salt, 1.4-Butane disulfonic Acid Sodium Salt

                Email:jinsc81890@hotmail.com Tel:0086-21-56131903 (0) 13611829357  FAX:086-21-51012169
                上;Φ┥锟萍加邢薰尽 2012-2014
                Address:Room 1503 No 13 Nong 555 Rd chengyin shanghai city china
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